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Top Water Pools uses 26 years of combined experience to custom design, build and install in ground gunite pools.

new pool installation in Victoria Texas

We provide homeowners with complete swimming pool installation services and we can handle all your pool and patio area masonry and hardscaping needs. At Top Water Pools, we work with our clients to bring their vision to life and create an outdoor living environment – from swimming pools to landscaping to outdoor entertainment and dining — that reflects their dreams and complements their home.

There are many phases to building and installing an in ground swimming pool:

Pre-Construction - Before construction is started we meet with each client to discuss the pool design, shape, and the best location of the pool to best accent your yard. A pre-site meeting is scheduled to spray out and set elevations, go over all details involved, and answer any questions you may have about the pool and/or the equipment prior to installation.

Excavation Services – Once the pool has been laid out to the client’s approval we will start to form the pool and excavate material from pool area. The dirt is removed with a dump truck and hauled to another location. At this time we will also begin to dig the trenches needed for the electrical, and pool plumbing and equipment area.

Pool Steel – After the excavation is finished we will start to steel. Steel is used to form and strengthen the pool structure.

Pool Plumbing – During this time we set the skimmers, return lines, main drains, and any other plumbing lines that are needed for the type of project we are building. We use PVC schedule 40 pipe to plumb our pools. Pipe sizing will be determined so that an adequate amount of water will flow through.

Gunite – Gunite is a mixture of sand and cement. It is shot into the pool using long hoses and a nozzle. This is a big day! It is where the actual pool comes to life. The foundation is formed as well as the stairs and benches. After the gunite has been sprayed we have seven days were the pool needs to stay wet to slow the curing process down to prevent flaking of the shell. At this time we will also need to get any undecided selections decided, such as tile, patio, and walls.

Backfilling Pool – Stripping of wooden forms from around the pool, backfilling the dirt against the shell and compacting for stability.

Pool Finish - The finish is applied to the floor and sides of the shell by a professional that is dedicated to excellence. Traditional Plaster and Wet Edge plaster is just a couple of the finishes that we use.

Pool Tile - Next we install the tile, and possibly the coping depending on the decking type. At this time we will also extend the plumbing to the equipment location if needed, install bonding wire around pool and call for inspection prior to decking.

Pool Equipment – The equipment is set on concrete pads. Once they are placed the final plumbing and electrical connection are made.

Pool Start-up – When start up is initiated, all installed equipment will be turned on and put into service mode, so to circulate the water and chemicals. This process will usually take approximately 5-7 days to balance the water.

Follow up – This is the final step. With each client we will educate them on how to operate and maintain the pool, and answer any questions they may have. If you still are having trouble understanding how to maintain the pool, we can also offer you a weekly maintenance program for the first few weeks until you are familiar with the system.

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